We are honored to invite you to the 6th Annual Israel Defense Forces Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Conference on November 9, 2017 at the Avenue Events Center in Airport City

The UVID conference is an initiative of Israel Defense and aims to coordinate, under one roof, a strategic vision of the world of unmanned vehicles in air, sea and land, to develop dialogue and to build a common world of knowledge for the broad community engaged in building the power and operation of this fascinating field.

The UVID conference is the foremost meeting place for all stakeholders in the field of unmanned vehicles in Israel, attending by leading Israeli and international players.

The conference will be held for the sixth consecutive year, following the success of the UVID 2016 Conference and the AUVSI-UVID2015 Conference, which hosted visitors from 25 countries who toured 50 exhibition pavilions and watched fascinating seminars and sessions.

The theme of this year's conference will be:

"Unmanned Tools in the Modern Era"

UVID Conference chairman: 

Alon Unger

[email protected]


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 >> The Tasks of the Unmanned Tools in the Present and Leading Trends in the Military and Civil Future 

>> Integration of Unmanned Systems in the Modern Era - Concepts and Technologies 

>> The Global Arms Race and Market Trends 

>> UAVs, Unmanned Underwater Instruments and Synergy between Systems 

>> Modern Survival and Threats from and to Unmanned Vehicles, Dealing with the Threat of Drifting

 >> The Challenges of the Remote Manned System: Operation, Development, Maintenance and More

 >> Autonomous vs. Automatic

 >>Emerging Technologies

>> Commercial Aspects of Unmanned systems

>> A Special Session in Cooperation with the Fisher Institute