About Israel Defense & Arrowmedia





Arrowmedia Israel Ltd. is a media company specializing in print and digital content, conference and exhibition management, and the publication of books and magazines in the field of defense, cyber, innovation, technology, and security. Publications include the ground breaking "Israel Defense" magazine, a bi-monthly publication providing expert analysis and review of current events from the Israeli and global defense and cyber world. 

Israel Defense’s flagship event is the Cybertech Conference & Exhibition, the leading cyber innovations conference and the largest cyber commercial conference outside of the U.S. The Cybertech Conference & Exhibition serves as an international dialogue for the leaders of the field and industry, in addition to the foremost display of innovation & technologies. 

Alongside the central Cybertech event of Tel Aviv, Cybertech will be featured around the globe, including Singapore, Canada, Italy, California and more! 

Visit us on our website: http://www.israeldefense.com/