UVID 2012

The 2nd UVID Conference- "Unmanned Vehicles - from Uniqueness to Jointness" | About the Conference
Over the last few years, unmanned systems have come to play an increasingly more significant role on the modern battlefield.
Only a decade ago, this field consisted mainly of a small number of unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs) in use worldwide. Today, thousands of unmanned systems – aerial, ground and naval – are employed as a matter of routine to execute diverse and complex missions around the globe.
Israel, as a nation, and the Israeli defense industries have emerged as world leaders in the development and manufacture of UAV concepts, technologies and systems.
The aim of the UVID Conference, which is to become an annual event, is to contribute to the development of the mission concept approach to unmanned systems on a global scale, by becoming the leading conceptual unmanned systems conference in Israel.
The Israel Defense Group, together with Op-Team-UM Unmanned Systems Consulting Ltd., decided to organize a strategic holistic conference which will focus on unmanned air, sea and ground systems – all under the same roof.
The UVID Conference is also intended to encourage a dialog and develop a shared knowledge base for the worldwide unmanned systems community, dealing with the force buildup and operation aspects of this fascinating field.
The main theme we have chosen for the first conference, so as to represent the impressive growth trend of the field of unmanned systems, is "From Systems to a Layout".
Thirty lecturers, all prominent leaders in their respective fields, endeavored to present the most advanced trends in the field of unmanned systems. The conference has been developed with the emphasis on the mission-conceptual aspect, which unifies unmanned systems in the air, on land and at sea.
In order to complement this broad systemic perspective, we have chosen to focus this year on the human factor, which makes all the difference between executing the mission and accomplishing the mission.
As part of this event, more than 36 exhibitors have chosen to present their state-of-the-art unmanned system technologies and solutions in the context of the professional exhibition, held concurrently with the conference.
The significant interest shown in the conference transcended the borders of Israel, and we are delighted to welcome visitors and representatives from 16 countries around the world.
In addition, we set a goal for ourselves, of contributing to the future of the field in Israel by bringing the academic world closer to the mission realm and by advancing technological education. For this purpose, we have established two initiatives as an on-going tradition. The first initiative involves an annual competition, held in cooperation with the Technion’s TASP Program and led by the head of the program, Prof. Daniel Weiss. Each year, an academic paper dealing with the subject of unmanned systems will be selected and given public exposure, and the author will receive a substantial monetary award.
The second initiative reflects our investment in the future, and is based on a cooperative alliance with the Israel Ministry of Education. In the context of this cooperative effort, we will annually host a group of students, from the Galilee and the Negev, who study in the Ministry’s technological and scientific leadership program. This year, we will host 10 outstanding students from the Beit-Yerach School on the Sea of Galilee.
To further consolidate the conference tradition and ensure its continuity, artist Avi Biran has designed the UVID Conference Statuette, with the assistance of Mr. Amnon Caspi and Galit and Alon Unger, as a gift identified with this event. This work of art incorporates the various dimensions – air, land and sea – as well as the central role of the human element in the operation of unmanned systems. The production of this statuette was made by Mr. Amnon Caspi. The gift statuette will become a tradition of future UVID conferences, to be proudly presented on the tables of the individuals who contributed to the success of the conferences.


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