MR. ALON UNGER, Chairman and Founder of UVID Conferences

Alon Unger is the Chairman and founder of the Unmanned Vehicles Israel Defense (UVID) Conferences, which he considers as his life's project to establish a yearly professional international conference for the UAV community in Israel.
He is a senior UAV Pilot and Operator with more than 26 years of experience and over 7,500 flight hours on various UAVs (MUAVs, tactical UAVs and MALE UAVs) and he holds a Remote Pilot Permit from the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA).
For many years, Alon served in the Israeli Air Force as senior commander with various operational field units as well as at IAF HQ. For the last 11 years' Alon holds positions and gain experience in the defense industry with focus on management, strategy, business development, concept development and system engineering, trial and experiments, operations and integration, in both Israel and abroad. He is also taking part as a team member and research colleague as an UAV expert at Strategic Working Groups in leading Institutions in Israel.
Alon is a staff member and contributor at Israel Defense Magazine. Through a cooperative alliance with Israel Defense, Alon initiated and produced the UVID Conference where he holds the position of Conferences Chairman and a professional writer as an expert on the subject of unmanned systems. He is a popular, in-demand speaker at conferences on UAVs.
Alon is an alumnus of the "Hebrew Reali School" at Haifa; he has a bachelor's degree in economics and accounting from Haifa University and a master's degree (Cum Laude) in business management from the College of Management, Rishon LeZion.

BRIG. GEN TOMER BAR, Chief of Air Staff, IDF (TBC)

The RPA development & support in the IAF missions, and their attribution to the IDF

Brigadier General Tomer Bar was born in 1969, joined the Israeli Air Force in 1987 and served as a combat soldier and commander in the force. From 1995-1998, he served as deputy commander of the "Golden Eagle" squadron, from 1998-1999 he served as deputy commander of the Scorpion Squadron and from 1999-2002 he served as Head of Operations Branch. From 2002 to 2005 he served as commander of the "Knights of the Double Tail" squadron and from 2005 to 2007 he served as commander of the "Hammer" squadron. Between 2007-2010 he served as Head of the Operations Department and until 2012 served as Commander of the Flight School. Between 2012-2014, he served as commander of the Tel Nof base, and between 2014-2017 he served as head of the Air Operations Division. Since October 2017, he has served as the head of the Air Force Staff. Brigadier General Tomer Bar holds a BA from Montgomery, Alabama, and is a graduate of the National Security College. Brigadier General Tomer Bar is married and has four children.

BRIG. GEN. ALON KLOSSE, Chief Artillery Officer (TBC)

"The New Air Layer of the Ground Forces”

Brig. Gen. Alon Klosse joined the IDF in 1987, enlisting in the Artillery Corps. 
Brig. Gen. Alon Klosse served as battery commander in Battalion 405, as commander of the Zik unit, commander of 334th "Thunder' Batallion, head of the Doctrine department in the corps, commander of the Tabor formation and commander of the Pillar of Fire. He was later appointed Head of the Planning Department in the IDF Planning Directorate. In August 2015, he was appointed Chief Artillery Officer. Brig. Gen Alon Klosse is married with three children.

MR. ELAD AHARONSON, Executive Vice President and General Manager, ISTAR Devision, Elbit Systems ”

“Unmanned Systems in the Modern Era- From Systems to Collaboration Concept

Elad Aharonson has served as Executive Vice President and General Manager – ISTAR Division since April 2015. From 2011 until his current appointment, he served as executive vice president and general manager – UAS Division, after serving as vice president – UAV systems since 2009. He joined Elbit Systems in 2004 and held various senior program management positions relating to UAS. Prior to that, Mr. Aharonson served as an officer in the IDF holding command positions in the Artillery Branch and in the Ground Forces’ UAV unit. Mr. Aharonson holds an L.L.B. degree in law and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Hebrew University

Col. (Res.) Ofer Haruvi, CTO, VP Strategy and R&D, IAI’s Military Aircrafts Group

Unmanned Aerial Systems - Emerging needs and trends

Col. (Res.) Ofer Haruvi is CTO and VP  Strategy and R&D at IAI’s Military Aircrafts Group . Prior to that he was the head of IAI’s NCW Division (MagNet). Between the years 2002-2004 he was VP and Head of C4ISR division at Ness Technologies. His military career consists of 25 years of operational service as fighter pilot in the IAF, and assignments as the Head of UAV department, the Head Of R&D Department and the Head of Reconnaissance Branch. Mr. Haruvi holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from the Technion and a Master degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tel-Aviv.  

DR. RAN GOZALI, Executive Vice President, RD&E Division, General Manager, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

Autonomous  Systems in the Modern Era – Intelligence & Operational Innovation

Dr. Ran Gozali is an Executive VP in Rafael and heads the company's Research, Development and Engineering Division, which supports all development programs of the company's business units: Air and Inteligence, Air Supremacy, Ground and Marine Systems. Prior to joining Rafael Dr. Gozali served as the CEO and President of Goji Solutions Ltd. a global company engaged in the development of unique solutions for thawing and heating systems for medical applications, sensing and software solutions for the oil & gas industries and a smart energy delivery for the food industry. Dr. Gozali holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from Virginia Tech Univeristy/USA, an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion/Israel and a B.Sc. cum laude in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from the Univesity of Ben Gurion in the Negev, Israel.


“Unbelievable Maf’at Program and Unmanned Systems”

MS. ORLIE DAHAN, EcoMotion Executive Director

Following Israeli Air Force service, a B.A. in Business from IDC and her passion for transportation, Orlie worked for a private aviation company and then founded her first company, creating 2-wheeled electric vehicles. Orlie most recently represented the Israeli transport sector in Europe, enhancing international collaborations for joint R&D. With 12 years of experience in transportation, exploring different modes and roles in transportation, Orlie is excited to lead the EcoMotion team and community, supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups reach their goals, meet, connect and collaborate.

BRIGADIER GENERAL (RES.) ABRAHAM ASAEL, CEO, Fisher Institute for Air & Space Strategic Studies

Brig. Gen. Abraham Assael was born in 1950 in the city of Petach Tikva, Israel.
Brig. Gen. Assael was inducted into the Israel Defense Forces in 1969 and served in the IAF. He graduated IAF Flight School as a Fighter Navigator and joined the first 'Phantom' Squadron of the IDF in 1971. Brig. Gen. Assael took part in the Yom Kippur War, and was wounded while captured as a P.O.W in Syria.
During his service, Brig. Gen Assael served in various Command and Staff positions: Head of Coordination Team with the GF and the IAF / Commander of the Navigation Section at the IAF Flight School in 'Hazerim' Air Forces Base / Deputy in Command of the Operations and Control Unit at the IAF HQ / Commander of the "Ovda" Air Force Base / Chief Instructor at the National Defense College of the IDF / Commander of the IDF Youth and Education Corps / IDF Defense Attaché in France, Spain and Portugal / Commander of the IDF Attachés Course
Since July 2015, Brig. Gen. Assael is the CEO of Fisher INSTITUTE For Air & Space Strategic Studies
Brig. Gen. Assael is a B.Sc in Economics and Business from the University of 'Bar Ilan', Ramat Gan, Israel. He is Also a M.A. in Political Sciences and National Security from the University of Haifa.
Brig. Gen. Assael is a graduate of the Military School of France in Paris
Brig. Gen. Assael is married to Ruth; they have three Children: Bar, Dan and Noa.


 Importance of an on-board video processing in modern micro gimbals

MSc in Engineering, PMP and MBA course graduate. With previous experience in number of tech industries in European countries joined UAV Factory as Business Development Manager since 2015 with core focus on electro optical gyro stabilized systems for commercial and military application.

MR. BENNY DAVIDOR , Head of Air-Worthiness Branch, ICAA

Civil RPA's – Current Revolution and Future Trends

Benny Davidor is the director of airworthiness division since the February of 2017. Under his responsibility are the design and production approval, airworthiness certification, and continued airworthiness programs of Israeli civil aviation products.
2010-2017 head of UAS department in the CAAI.
1985-2010 Served in the IAF as a fighter pilot and remote pilot, retired as a Lt Col.
Holds M.sc in mechanical engineering and M.H.A from Ben Gurion University in the Negev.
Member of ICAO (international civil aviation organization) RPASP (Remotely piloted aircraft systems panel).
Member of JARUS (Joint association for rulemaking on unmanned systems) and leads remote pilot licensing workgroup.


Drone Race, from Hobby to Sport

Co-Founder of FRIL (FPV Racing Israel League), Age 42
Drone racing is an amazing new sport growing every day, our league consists of 200 active pilots, and 2500 members
I am one of 3 league Managers and we are holding 4-6 competitions a year. we volunteer for making it happen for all the pilots in Israel, we just love flying drones and we are crazy about competitions. no one was doing it, so we started it.
We have already held 10 competitions.
We started in an empty field, and now we are getting offers to hold competitions in many cities and awesome locations.


LT. COL. ALON LEVIN , Head of Robotics, IMOD/DDR&D

“Between Heaven and Earth” - Shared Operational-Technical Insights on Unmanned Systems Air and Ground Space

DR. ARIE PERRY, President of AUVSI

Dr. Arie Perry retired in 2105 from Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) where he worked for 30 years mainly in R&D programs, in field of Robotics and Autonomous systems. His last capacities in IAI were Principle Scientist of IAI Robotics Directorate and Chief Engineer in the TaxiBot program, biggest civil robotic program in Israel (tens of millions). He graduated B.Sc. and M.Sc. in the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), and Ph.D. and PostDoc. from Ohio State University (OSU) USA, Robotics Institute in Robotic Legged Walking Machine program. Dr. Perry is for many years an adjunct Professor in Tel Aviv University School of Engineering, instructing robotics and system engineering. He is the founder and Israel President of AUVSI Chapter, leading the Unmanned Systems community in Israel, through numerous activities, conferences, workshops, etc. Since his retirement in 2015 he is an Independent Consultant in the field of Robotics and Unmanned Vehicle Systems and participating in a start-up in the field of robotics. Published numerous papers in professional journals and submitted dozens of classified and unclassified technical reports / documents and delivered dozens of presentations in professional Conferences in Israel and worldwide: US, Europe, Japan, Singapore.. 
Patents - Inventor / co-inventor of eight (8) patents, fourteen (14) inventions

MR. TAL INBAR , Space & UAV Research Center, Fisher Institute for Air & Space Strategic Studies
MAJ. OREN GAL, Autonomous vehicles section, Head & CTO (TBC)
​Innovations in Unmanned Navel Systems in Israel and Abroad
​Dr. Oren Gal received his B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering, Technion, 2004. At 2009 he graduated his M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering and at 2016 graduated his PhD from the Technion. Oren is the writer and the editor of marine robotics research book – "Advances in Marine Robotics".
Oren is also the chairman of the Israeli Marine Robotics conference 2009-2017 and the head of Autonomous R&D Section in the Israeli Navy and CTO for the last nine years. 
Colonel (Ret.) Erez Kabariti, Product development manager, M-Energy

Endurance solution for UAV`S 

Colonel (Ret.) Erez Kabariti has honorably discharged from the Israeli Air Force in 2016, after 26 years of service. Erez had served as the head of UAV's, Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Department in the IAF, and has more than 16 years' experience in the UAV's field. 
Erez holds MBA degree from Tel Aviv University and B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion, Haifa.

MR. RONEN NADIR, CEO, Blubird aero systems ltd

 Smaller, Superior, Economical –  Extending the envelope of small UAS for Military & civilian Apps

Mr. Nadir is an Aeronautical engineer with MSc in Industrial Engineering. Before founding BlueBird Aero Systems Ltd, he was VP Projects in a Hi-tech Broadband-products company for two years and prior to that a founder and a VP Dev. of an embedded avionics and simulations company, managing large-scale projects of embedded systems. Mr. Nadir has ten years of experience in the Israeli air force, as an aeronautical department commander, in charge of design and development of advanced weapon systems and years of experience in paragliding and aircraft modeling. Throughout the years of 1996-1998 he served as Chief pilot of the Israeli paragliding association and was a member of the Israeli team, participating in paragliding world championships. 

MR. ZVI DINAR , Director of Innovation and R&D at Aeronautics group

Multi rotor for military uses from idea to operation

Zvi Dinar –Director of Innovation and R&D at Aeronautics group, since 2004. Zvi has 27 Years of Experience in the UAS (Unmanned Arial Systems) as a manager, Inventor and R&D Engineer, Zvi, leads the special R&D activities at Aeronautics, an expert in the Tactical UAS segment and was Chief engineer of the "Orbiter family” As an expert in special systems, Zvi have years of experience in development and operation of multidisciplinary systems, deep understanding in propulsion systems, aerodynamics, aeromechanical platforms, design and manufacturing, payloads, communications and control systems and more. Prior to Aeronautics Zvi was R&D Aeromechanics Team leader at Elbit-Silver Arrow since 1990 (14years) The operational aspect and tactical needs are part of Zvi’s key element to successful system development. Zvi is an active Lieutenant Colonel (reserve) at the IDF in the Artillery Ground Forces’ UAV unit and in the MOD Technology Department. 

MR. YAKI BARANES, Partner, Head of Business Strategy Consulting Division, Baker Tilly Israel

 Missiles and Munitions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles- Global Market Analysis and Forecast

Yaki Baranes is a partner and head of the Strategy & Management Consulting division at Baker Tilly Israel. Baker Tilly is one of the world’s leading consulting and accountancy firms (global top 10). Yaki has more than 9 years of experience in strategy consulting, market analysis and forecast for various industries including aerospace & defense industries. Yaki is a former Rafael Defense Systems employee and prior to that, Yaki served for 6 years as an navy officer and as a commander of a  Dvora type vessel (major in reserve). Yaki holds an BA degree in business and management from the Technion, Haifa and a degree in business administration from IDC, Herzliya


Cyber and Communications for Unmanned Systems - Threats and Solutions

Shai Palti is CEO of the Commtact Ltd. company, based in Yavne, central Israel. Commtact develops and markets advanced communications solutions, specializing in unmanned systems communications. 
Mr. Palti has over 20-year experience in the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). In the previous positions he has served in a variety of technical and business functions, in IAI, Aeronautics and Al Cielo

DR. ANDREW D. SHEPHERD, Director, Unmanned Aerial Systems

Advancing Beyond Visual - Line - Of - Sight UAS Operations Leveraging Live, Virtual, and Constructive Technologies

Dr. Andrew Shepherd serves as the Director for Unmanned Aerial Systems at Sinclair College in Dayton, Ohio. With experience in the defense industry and academia focused on modeling and simulation, research, course development, accreditation, instruction, and mentorship, Shepherd offers extensive knowledge in many areas of technology, higher education, and workforce training and development. He serves as the Managing Editor for the Journal of Unmanned Aerial Systems, an Editorial Advisory Board Member for the Two Cultures Journal, and as a Board Member for the Aviation Trail, a non-profit corporation in partnership with the National Park Service to promote Aviation Heritage in the Dayton region. Named to both Dayton’s top 40 Under 40 in 2014 and top 100 Defense and Aerospace Professionals by the Dayton Business Journal in 2014 and 2017, Shepherd is an active member of his community and broader aerospace industry

PROF. TAL SHIMA, Professor, Technion, Israel institute of Technology

Mission Synergy by Cooperative Guidance of Unmanned Systems

Tal Shima received the Ph.D. degree from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel, in 2001. He is currently an Associate Professor with the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Technion. His current research interests are in the area of guidance of vehicles, in particular missiles and unmanned aircraft, operating individually or as a team.

MR. EREZ BITTON , CEO, Terrascan-Labs

UAV remote sensing - From Lemons to Lemonade

Erez, former F16 fighter pilot, mathematics and computer science graduate and MBA graduate. 
Terrascan labs is leading remote sensing applications in Israel and around the world, some of our leading clients are - KKL (Israel forestry), Nature and parks authority, Israel electricity company, ministry of defense, geological institute of Israel, volcanic institute of Israel and many more. 
In the presentation, Erez will present several ground braking projects conducted world wide, demonstrating the huge potential hidden with merging small unmanned aerial vehicles with advance remote sensing procedures.

LTC. MENAHEM LANDAU, Head Of UAV Branch, IMOD/DDR&D Aeronautical Division

IDF Unmanned Drone Systems - current and future

LTC Menahem Landau is Head of UAV Branch at IMOD/DDR&D Aeronautical Division. His responsibilities include R&D activities for all related domains, operational and
technological concepts, platforms, payloads, communications, propulsion, operator stations etc.
In addition he is the IMOD Program Manager for development of UAV and Drone systems for the IDF.
Previous assignments include positions responsible for R&D, development and fielding of UGS systems, electro-optical weapon systems at IMOD, tactical UAVs for
battalion and brigade echelons at IMOD and IDF/GFC/Operational Requirements Dept. and as a program officer at the Technological Division of IDF/GFC.
He served as an officer in the IDF Artillery Corps. 
LTC Landau is an engineer with a B Sc. in Mechanical and Electro-Optical Engineering from the Technion.

MR. YUVAL ZAK, Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management in Ben-Gurion University

“Needle in a haystack” – dynamically improving operational information displayed to UAV operators

B.Sc. and M.Sc. graduate from Ben-Gurion University in Industrial Engineering and Management. Previously worked as a data scientist, and serves as a reserve intelligence officer in the armored corps. Currently a Ph.D. student, studying the visualizations of military UAV operator stations, and how to dynamically adjust the visualizations.

MR. RAN CARMELI , CEO, Polymertal

The Impact of 3D printing on Drone Technology

Mr. Ran Carmeli is the CEO of Polymertal Ltd company. 
Polymertal is a young and innovated company that directed to the metal replacement global trend based on unique technology of surface treatment and metal plating on plastics objects. With this unique approach Polymertal offers its customers a new Hybrid products concept. 
Prior to that ran was the deputy CEO at Aeronautics LTD 
Ran served in the IAF and his last position was deputy base commander.